Fashion Style or Fit—-Its All About The Fit

Fashion Style or Fit—-Its All About The Fit
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One would think that after wearing clothes all your life; you would know what constitutes good fit and what doesn’t. In fashion, this, unfortunately, is not so. Fitting is the most valuable asset to a person who sews. So many people think it’s impossible to find a good fit, let alone a great one if you’re not a standard size. So how does one acquire good fit? My dissatisfaction with commercial patterns has taken me on a most interesting journey. The only answer to the fit question is accurate & precise measurements drafted into a ‘tried & proven’ formula so you’re able to produce a superb fit in your choice of garment. Most people are wearing clothes designed and made for someone else. Are you?

Living in an instant-gratification society which feeds the myth of the 2, 4, 6 size syndrome, has programmed you to look at the size on the label, instead of your body. Suppose you start buying by measurement instead of by size? Think about it! You’re told you are a size 6, but what part of the body is really a 6, is it your wrist? Could it be your neck? Or is it your ankle? I’m thinking, nowhere; so who decides your size? Jammed into a too-small fitting room with inadequate lighting & unable to see yourself properly in 3-d; you desperately squeeze into the most promising little number. It zips up over the hips & you breathe a sigh of relief, it’s a sale! Never mind the fact that the darts are nowhere near where they’re really supposed to be. There’s absolutely no ease and the zipper feels like it might pop at any moment. What can you do? You’re thinking, what choice do I have?

An impatient generation accustomed to speed in everything, may think construction irritatingly slow & fittings much too time consuming, but the perfection of the fit is worth waiting for. There is not one person who sews who does not long for some technique; some sure-fire formula for success in fitting, but there is none! Fitting is an art-a sadly dying art- that of creating beautiful clothes that’s fashionably fit to wear. As with other arts though, it takes time, effort and practice. Anything can be understood through study. So do you want to understand fit in fashion? If you know how a garment should fit, that’s half the battle. The other half is in knowing what to do about it when it doesn’t.

Ninety five years ago, the fashionable American woman wore a size 16/18. Fifty years ago she was wearing 12 going on 10. Today she wears a 2 going on zero. Statistics and hype have made her health conscious. Society and the media have made her youth conscious. Size is now a status symbol and fashion dictates that the ideal figure is perfectly balanced at 5’7” & weighing 105 lbs. If you wish to look fashionable today, you must have a slender, youthful figure even if you’re no longer young. What do you do? If it’s a fit problem the solution can only be a fit solution.

You may not be able to change the size of your feet, the shape of your legs, or your bone structure—–but you can change the way you look with clothing made to fit you, & your body. Good fit does not require a great body, but any Body will look great in a good fit. Fit transcends style, fashion, fabric, color, or even price. You will realize that even the most perfect color won’t make you look beautiful if the clothes don’t fit. Pay more attention to measurements rather than size. Has anyone ever actually asked you what size you are? I think not. If you look great & the garment fits perfectly, someone may ask, “where did you get that?” Remember that size is just a number but style is attitude.

So if you want great fit follow these instructions & formulas which I have tried, tested & proven. I know you will find them not only helpful but very beneficial. Oh, & by the way, ‘happy fitting’.

Claudette Grant

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